Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tired of local spammers?

It was not so long back; I received a forwarded email to my gmail inbox from a stranger. I pressed archive button, thinking that he is an innocent don't care guy and also the mail was no so boring one. To be fair, I felt nothing annoying. Unfortunately, that was just a start. I used to receive forward mail daily from that guy, all with huge sized attachments in it. He was forwarding mails like he had promised to send atleast one mail of 2-3 MB attachments in it. I tried to recollect who he is. Is he an old friend of mine? or else how he got my email id? I started scanning the huge "To" and "cc" list of his mail. There were many friends of mine in that list. I couldn't guess any relation with him since he had many of my friends in different fields. If there were only my class mates/ batch mates, I could have guessed he is my college mate I lost from my memory. But what will I do when I know there are friends of me from work places too?
I had nothing to do, except just deleting those mails. When I asked my friends who was in the cc list, they were also in the same position like me! I was ok with it untill I received a mail from him which contains pictures of a very ugly dead bodies and pool of blood in it. I was fed up when I received more of it. I politely replied to that person asking to remove me from his mailing list. The result? No, he didn't remove me from his mailing list, instead there was a flammable reply from him, abusive and he continued his work. What next? I didn't go behind him, here is what I did.

Opened my gmail inbox
Clicked on "create a filter" ("search web" button)
Filled in "From" text box with my spammer's mail id.
Clicked on "Next step" button
Ticked "Forward it to" check box and gave my spammer's mail id to forward.
Ticked on "Delete it" check box
Clicked on "Create filter" button.


What it did?
Whenever my spammer sends a mail, gmail will move it to thrash folder and automatically forward it back to him.
Whats more intresting? The "backwarded" message will not have my mail id as sender, instead it will be his address itself!! May be you too can try this, if you are a victim!